Hlavná 27

Since 1992 the Gallery has a seat in the building of the former County House. The building in a Baroque and Classicist style, designed by a Vienna-based builder, J. Langer, was completed in 1779. In the period of 1888-1889 the building underwent several alterations: the front part of the house was adjusted, courtly wings were added and the rear wing was modified. On the facade one can see the coat of arms of the Abaúj-Torna County of 1558. Upstairs, there is the assembly hall, the so-called historic hall, with illusive arcades showing the coat of arms of former Abaúj-Torna County as well as some of its towns and villages. It was here that the first cabinet meeting of the National Front of Czechs and Slovaks was held on April 5, 1945, which proclaimed the Košice government programme.

Alžbetina 22

Under the administration of the East Slovak Gallery there is also an exhibition space in the building on Alžbetina Street 22 in addition to the space on Hlavná Street 27. A Baroque building from the early eighteenth century was modified in a pseudohistorical style towards the end of the nineteenth century.