Hlavná 27

RECEPTION, Hlavná 27
Tel.: +421 55 68 175 11
Mobil: +421 918 540 018

The last entry is possible half an hour before the gallery closes


Východoslovenská galéria
Hlavná 27

Opening hours:

tuesday — sunday 10.00 — 18.00

Alžbetina 22


RECEPTION, Alžbetina 22
mobil: +421 918 540 012

The last entry is possible half an hour before the gallery closes

Východoslovenská galéria
Alžbetina 22

Opening hours:

tuesday — sunday 10.00 — 18.00


  • Adult: 4,- €
  • Student/Senior (ISIC, ITIC) : 2 €
  • Free (children under the age of 10, holders of ICOM, ZŤP)
  • Free entry every first Sunday of the month


valid from 1st July 2018


The rules for visitors of the East Slovak Gallery are valid for all visitors entering the exhibition space of the gallery located at 27 Hlavná Street and 22 Alžbetina Street. A visitor is considered to be an individual, or a group of people, who enters the gallery’s space or halls with the purpose of carrying out cultural, educational or recreational activities. Each visitor is advised to familiarize themselves with these rules before entering the exhibition halls, and to respect them during their visit. By purchasing an entrance ticket and entering the exhibition halls, visitors accept this set of rules and commit themselves to respecting these regulations.


Visitors are welcome to visit the gallery’s exhibition halls at 27 Hlavná Street and 22 Alžbetina Street from Tuesday to Sunday between 10:00 and 18:00. The East Slovak Gallery reserves the right to temporarily close or restrict the visit to the gallery and individual halls in the case of a serious (organisational, technical) issue.


The prices of entry tickets are set in accordance with the admission price list and were approved by the director of the East Slovak Gallery. Visitors are allowed to enter the exhibition halls only with a valid ticket. Visitors who would like to purchase a free or reduced ticket are required to show valid proof authorising them to a free or reduced entry, e.g. cards such as ISIC, ITIC, ZŤP (Disability Card), PRESS, ICOM and ZMS (Slovak Museum Association) and RGS (Council of Slovak Galleries). Tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable and are valid for one entry on the day of purchase. The East Slovak Gallery enables payment by valid cultural vouchers. If the entry fee is lower than the value of the cultural voucher, the visitors will not be given the price difference. During the visit of school groups, one adult in charge (teacher or tutor) is allowed in for free per 8 pupils/students.


Basic entry €4

Reduced entry €2 (seniors over 65, pupils, students, university students and teachers)

Group entry €2 (groups of 8 or more people – the price is €2 per person)

Free entry (children under 6, ZŤP (Disability Card) holders, ICOM card holders, Council of Museum and Galleries card holders)

The gallery entry is free on the first Sunday of each month. The entry fee for individual special events (workshops for children and adults, special exhibitions) is issued at the gallery’s ticket office and at the East Slovak Gallery’s website.

Renting of the halls, wedding photoshoots and commercial photoshoots can be arranged with Ing. Juraj Gacík, director of Economic and Service Department, via email: or phone: +421 55 68 175.


Entry to the gallery is not allowed to persons:

  • under the influence of alcohol, psychotropic or narcotic substances
  • with a gun, pyrotechnics or sharp objects which can injure other visitors or damage exhibited artworks
  • with a dog or other animals

In the exhibition space it is forbidden:

  • to damage and destroy exhibited artwork
  • to touch exhibited artworks (except interactive artworks)
  • to smoke
  • to consume food and drinks
  • to disturb other visitors by behaving inappropriately
  • to carry out campaigns (marketing, political, informative), fundraising or sales or petitions which are not organised or approved of in writing by the East Slovak Gallery
  • to dispose of litter outside the designated rubbish bins
  • to enter areas outside the exhibition space and visitors’ route and enter rooms reserved for the staff of the East Slovak Gallery
  • use roller skates, skateboards and scooters

Visitors are required:

  • to care for their safety and avoid actions which may threaten the health and safety of other visitors or themselves
  • to follow the instructions of a staff member in charge in the case of a fire or other threatening event
  • to inform a cashier or a member of the East Slovak Gallery staff in the case of an injury or feeling unwell
  • during school group entries, leaders in charge (teachers and tutors) are required to safeguard the behaviour of pupils and students
  • during creative workshops, parents are responsible for their children and they must supervise their behaviour
  • to respect the rules specified next to individual artworks with a “NO PHOTO” sign and pictogram when creating private photographs and audio-visual material.

Visitors are responsible for the safety of their personal belongings. The East Slovak Gallery is not responsible for their loss or theft. The gallery is not responsible for injuries and accidents caused by not following the rules for visitors. The space of the gallery is monitored by security cameras in order to safeguard the safety of visitors and exhibited artworks. Damage of artworks is considered a crime. Visitors are obliged to respect the warnings and instructions of the East Slovak Gallery staff. Comments and complaints can be recorded in the Book of requests and complaints, located at the gallery’s ticket office. Visitors can also contact the gallery via email on


based on the  Act no. 18/2018 on the Protection of Personal Data and on changes and amendments to some other acts

Promotion of events at the East Slovak Gallery

Visitors willingly agree that the East Slovak Gallery located on 27 Hlavná Street, 040 01, Košice, IČO: 31 297 820 has the right to process their personal data in the form of photography, audio or audio-visual recordings in order to organise events, competitions and other marketing events. These might adopt the material capturing visitors and publish it on the gallery’s social networks and/or website with the aim of promoting the events of the East Slovak Gallery. The personal data will not be provided to any third country or international organisations. By providing the personal data the visitors assume the status of concerned persons who are entitled to the right to access their personal data, right to repair personal data, right to delete personal data, right to restrict personal data processing, right to data transfer, right to object personal data processing (including profiling) and right that the concerned persons do not comply with the decisions based purely on automatized processing (including profiling). A concerned person has at the same time the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority, which is the Office for the Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic. The concerned persons have the right to abrogate their consent in the following ways: contacting the PR Department via email on or at the following address: East Slovak Gallery, 27 Hlavná Street, Košice 040 01.

Newsletter subscription

By accepting the newsletter subscription, the concerned persons give consent to the East Slovak Gallery, located on 27 Hlavná Street, 040 01, Košice, IČO: 31 297 820, to process their personal data including name, surname and email address in order to supply them with information newsletters. The expiration date of this consent is three years. Personal data will not be provided to third countries or international organisations. The concerned persons have the right to abrogate their consent even before its expiration in the following ways: contacting the PR Department by an email on or on the address: East Slovak Gallery, 27 Hlavná Street, Košice 040 01.

The Rules for visitors became valid on 1st July 2018