Lectures and Guided tours of the exhibitions

The current exhibition projects are accompanied by a wide range of programmes which include guided tours with curators and thematic lectures of professionals from different universities and cultural institutions.

Free entry to all events

Seniors Programme

The East Slovak Gallery regularly organises a Relaxed Guided Tour which is primarily designed for seniors. The programme is composed of two parts – a tour of the exhibition with its curator and a short and easy workshop with a gallery educator which revolves around the exhibited artworks. The Relaxed Guided Tour takes place once per month on Tuesday at 14:00. At this time, visitors will not be disturbed and can fully enjoy their visit of the exhibition halls.

Free entry

Experimental workshops for adults

These workshops are designed for those who like to experiment, discover new techniques and learn more about exhibited artists. The workshops will enable the participants to learn more about artiststic techniques and varied artistic expressions and will allow them to react in an interactive and creative way to the content of individual exhibitions.

The workshops take place in the gallery building located at 27 Hlavná Street and are supervised by a team of gallery educators, exhibition curators, selected artists and other guests.

Workshop entry fee is €5 (this price includes the material)