Safety precautions in connection with COVID-19

- entry and stay in VSG premises (outdoor and indoor) is possible only with covered upper airways (drape, scarf, scarf)
- a person whose body temperature will be measured at 37.2 ° C and above will not be allowed to enter and move in the VSG premises
- the visitor of VSG should use disinfection at the entrance and during his stay keep a distance of 2m from other visitors
- there is a ban on giving hands and a ban on consuming drinks and food in the VSG premises
- if a person shows signs of acute respiratory disease, it is necessary to contact your attending physician by phone and leave the place of the mass event
- for organized events, the visitor provides VSG staff with personal data in the form of name and phone number. number, these data will be used exclusively for contacting purposes in case of COVID-19 disease
- VSG staff supervises the set maximum number of visitors to VSG premises

Please follow these precautions
The VSG team

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