Dávid Demjanovič – Concrete and incense

opening: 31. 8. 2021 o18: 00
duration: 1. 9. - 11. 9. 2021
East Slovak Gallery, Alžbetina 22

The exhibition Concrete and Incense is an attempt at a materialised "mood board" of the author. Concrete in his works metaphorically symbolises something solid and physical, incense spirituality and transience. During the exhibition, the gallery is transformed into a workshop, studio or model of a barn at the same time. The primary sources of inspiration are childhood in the village, Greek mythology, a book about Michelangelo and Kawasaki Ninja. Dreamy escapism, work, soil, space, folk architecture, agrarian magic, dragons, elves, pests and heroes. Have you ever wondered how the universe smells?

Dávid Demjanovič (1985) is a graduate of the Studio of Spatial Communications + Prof. Anton Čierný at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. He is the half of the art duo Mitríková / Demjanovič. He teaches as an assistant professor in the ASK 3D studio at the Faculty of Arts of the Technical University in Košice.

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