Farewell to the exhibition

The Saved exhibition will be concluded with a special programme prepared for children, their parents and grandparents, which will take the form of a guided tour of the exhibition with the curator. The children will actively participate with the aid of an illustrated guide book, they will carry out creative tasks and learn many interesting facts about restoration. Our creative guide book will show them that art and artworks are not as boring as they might seem to be. They encipher hidden texts and stories which will be revealed through the guide book at the exhibition tour.The event takes place 6.8.2019 from 14:00 - 16:00 on Alžbetina 22.

It is necessary to sign up for the programme via e-mail to: lendelova@vsg.sk until 5 August 2019 (Monday till 14:00). Parents are responsible for their children. Entry: purchase of the children’s guide book Back on the Wall / a free entry for parents and grandparents

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