Flowers and Monsters

exhibition opening: 8. 6. 2021
duration: 9. 6. 2021 - 1. 7. 2021
curator: Nikolas Bernath
East Slovak Gallery, Alžbetina 22

Exhibiting artists: Nikolett Balázs (HU), Tomáš Bryscejn (CZ), Kanrec Sakul (SK), Tamara Spalajković (RS)

Hold onto your inner child. They used to say.
From my point of view, it could mean perceiving everything - the visually unknown or abstract as some kind of monster. Member that old MGMT’s “Kids” music video with the crying infant? It’s exactly like that. I am that kid, tripping on his own visual ignorance of the outer world.

Ignorance is bliss. They used to say as well.
But before xenophilia hits the lead and we will get lost in our own desire and attraction to the unknown, the fear of the dark hits twice as hard. You know that famous poem “Do not go gentle into that good night” Michael Caine recites in the Interstellar movie before astronauts are sent into hypersleep? It continues like we should “rage against the dying of the light”. So let’s rage.

Get up and have a party. As they sing.
Imagine that light's not dying, it’s just flashing right now. You see the world differently in the strobe light. Non-essential things are gone. Just what you're focused on is visible. And the form of objects is constantly changing. Let the brain do the job. Trip him up. Focus on colour fields. You see that kaleidoscope flower?

There ain’t no abstract expressionism, no futurism, no cubism. There ain’t no Rothko, no Severini, no Picasso. Only flowers and monsters. You decide which of them will show up.

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