Jaro Varga – Situation after the arrival of the alarm patrol

otvorenie výstavy: 6. 12. 2017 , 6 p.m.
trvanie výstavy: 7. 12. 2017 - 4. 3. 2018
East Slovak Gallery, Hlavná 27

The enemy is someone whose story we haven't heard. ”(Wendy Brown)

The situation after the arrival of the alarm patrol is a visual essay, an artistic creation of the topography of violence on the Czechoslovak border, its actors and especially its victims. Even more so, however, is the reflection on the politics of fear, on the ambivalence of human action, conformism, and life under anesthesia. Today we record 320 documented cases of people who lost their lives in the vicinity of the Czechoslovak border in the years 1948-1989. On March 13, 2017, a Slovak court rehabilitated the first victim, an East German student Hartmut Tautz, who died in Petržalka while trying to cross the border into Austria. The families of those who died during the communist regime at the state border guarded by armed soldiers, specially trained dogs and a power line fence were never compensated, and the people who died during the communist regime at the Iron Curtain were never rehabilitated.

Jaro Varga (* 1982, Trebišov) is a Slovak visual artist and curator based in Prague. He received his master's degree and doctorate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. He participated in student exchanges at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw and at Slippery Rock Unoversity in Pennsylvania. He has exhibited at solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. These include, for example, When Artists Speak Truth at The 8th Floor Gallery in New York (2016), Bucharest Biennale 7 (2016), In Someone's Else Dream at SODA Gallery in Bratislava (2017), Missing Something and Itself Missing at Ivan Gallery in Bucharest (2017) and many more. As part of his artistic stays, Varga also worked for Museums Quartier 21 (Vienna), Futura (Prague), Heppen Transfer (Warsaw), AIR Krems, Center for Arts and Urban Planning ZK / U (Berlin), Triangle Arts Association (New York) and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Seoul). In 2008 and 2010 he became a finalist in the Oscar Čepan Award, in 2015 he won the Tatra Bank Foundation Award and in 2017 he won the NOVUM Foundation Award for Contemporary Art.

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