About art – a course in art history in the East Slovak Gallery

When it opens in the new premises, the ESG library offers a training course that will accompany the first year of its operation. The course reflects the professional focus of the library and is an invitation to look into its holdings for all those interested in visual arts.
During the lecture series, participants get to know the individual periods in the history of fine art. The cycle includes 10 lectures led by art historian Lucie Kocáková. Based on selected works from the ESG collections, we will present the main characteristics of artistic styles and trends from the Middle Ages to the present. During each lecture we will talk about the given artistic stage on a European scale and at the same time about how it manifested itself in our Slovak environment. The lectures begin with the Gothic period, ie the period from which the oldest works in the gallery's collections come, continue with the period of the modern age, artistic trends of the 19th century and culminate in contemporary art. The length of one meeting is 90 minutes with a break for refreshments.
The course includes free admission to ESG exhibitions before the start of the lecture and also a reader's card to the ESG Library. At the end, course participants will receive a certificate of successful completion.
It is necessary to register for the course in advance at galovics@vsg.sk by 2.3.2020. The number of participants is 25. The price of the course is 30 euros per person.

course language: slovak

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