Boris Sirka – The Cast of Idea

duration: 15. 5. 2021 – 4. 6. 2021
Východoslovenská galéria, Alžbetina 22

Boris Sirka's pop-up exhibition: The Cast of Idea presents objects that follow his current sculptural program. For the last two years, the author has been working on it and thus explores his possibilities and experience as a "painter" in a spatial medium. In the previous project, Petrified Gesture, he let the sketch "harden." He transferred the lightness in the drawing to space and left it in a "motionless" state, ripped from the sketchbook paper, and materialized in the present. The captured gesture of the drawing, its energy, and what it represents was elevated to an object.

The Cast of Idea is a continuation of this series. Other sculptural technologies and techniques have made it possible to think spatially and use a formal abbreviation in the author's themes in his painting. However, the author violated one of his rules: variation, repetition, and cloning of the subject. From the initial casting of the mold and testing of the materials, he created almost identical copies. Each piece represents the original, despite the apparent feeling of serial production. Programmatically, the author constantly redefines the formal and content side of his work.

An interactive experience complements the exhibition. With the help of three filters on Instagram, you can view Boris's works in a virtual form in various places - outdoors or then at home. Thus, the author reacts to closed exhibitions and gives his works the status of absolute availability wherever and whenever.

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