Ivan Šafranko – Krištof Kintera. All the Ways

Ivan Šafranko – Krištof Kintera. All the Ways
duration: 20. 5. - 16. 8. 2020
curator: Séverine Fromaigeat
East Slovak Gallery, Hlavná 27

The rerun of the Cermak Eisenkraft Gallery exhibition, curated by Séverine Fromaigeat of the Tinguely Museum, offers a confrontation between two generations of artists, the prominent Slovak painter and sculptor Professor Ivan Šafranek and the leading Czech visual artist Krištof Kinter. Ivan Šafranko (* 1931) is one of the generation of Slovak artists who began to create after the Second World War. At the beginning of his work, Šafranko had no direct contact with the development of contemporary art taking place outside the states of the socialist bloc. Krištof Kintera (* 1973) began studying three years after the fall of communism and we can rightly consider him one of the most prominent figures on the Czech art scene. Despite the fact that both artists come from different artistic backgrounds and periods, they are united by a spontaneous and unfettered approach to artistic creation. Both are constantly looking for new opportunities, working with unconventional materials, transcending existing horizons and pushing the boundaries of the possibilities of the media used. Their work is constantly evolving and taking new directions.

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