March 2021 in ESG

Sitting Woman with a Book, Juraj Collinásy, 1940, East Slovak Gallery

Amenge / presentation of a design project

18. 3. 2021 at 18:00
Online via Facebook Live

Amenge in Romani means "us". Amenge.project is based on the cooperation of Roma children and youth and from their perspective presents the Roma experience, visual culture as well as personal preferences, experiences and ideas. The aim is to open intercultural dialogue and lead to the promotion of mutual tolerance and understanding of cultural differences. The result is a design collection for which children used the materials. The event is organized by Hole in the World and the East Slovak Gallery.

Two Shapes of Leaf on Tree - presentation of the exhibition

March 24, 2021
Facebook VSG

The curator of the exhibition, Erik Vilím, which virtually guide you through an exhibition whose concept seeks to outline the peculiarities of the stories of the transformation of two countries - the Slovak and Georgian after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The project is also a small generational probe, pointing to the change of the thematic interests and artistic practices of contemporary artists. It was created thanks to the residency of Erik Vilím organized in cooperation between KAIR and the Museum of Silk (Data Chigholashvili, Mariam Shergelashvili) in the Georgian capital Tbilisi in 2019.

We are finalizing the project Enter Gallery of the 21st Century

After the free mobile application that we have already presented to you, we are in the final phase of implementing the other components of the Enter project. The appearance of the foyer of the East Slovak Gallery headquarters, which will be modern but at the same time respect the historic building of the former county house, is undergoing a significant transformation. The specially designed furniture comes from the workshop of architects Zerozero and is inspired by a monolith from Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey. The banners in front of the ESG building are also changing, the modification of which will also strengthen the visual identity of the gallery. The Enter project is implemented thanks to the Košice self-governing region within the call "Traditions inspire innovations".

We are working on a catalog for exhibition Through Art and Word

The catalog maps the main areas presented by the exhibition. It brought together a team of nine experts from various fields of historical sciences - Juraj Gembický, Miroslav Kleban, Júlia Kotrusová, Zuzana Labudová, Marián Majerník, Robert Maretta, Katarína Nádaská, Veronika Timuľáková, Henrieta Žažová - and provides a comprehensive explanation of contemporary historiography on the history of architecture, historical library, archival documents and art-historical collection. The catalog will bring the most up-to-date research on the issue and offer new findings that enrich the current state of research into the history of Premonstratensian Order in Jasov.

We are preparing an exhibition by Konstantin Kővári-Kačmarik in Budapest

The East Slovak Gallery, in cooperation with the Slovak Institute in Budapest, is preparing an exhibition project dedicated to the work of the Košice artist Konstantin Kővári-Kačmarik (1882 - 1916). The project is implemented as a partnership at the international level of two institutions. The personality and work of Kővári-Kačmarik defines the Belle Époque period, ie the beautiful times of life in the monarchy and are a harbinger of the avant-garde tendencies of the later interwar period. The Slovak Institute in Budapest regularly prepares exhibitions of Slovak artists and thus presents Slovak culture to the Hungarian public. The upcoming exhibition of a chamber character is a reference to the common history and will also present the context of the regional history of Košice. The exhibition will present ink miniatures and pastels on peeled cardboard from the collection of the East Slovak Gallery.

We are preparing children's guides

Although working from home deprived us of direct contact with children, pupils and students, our enthusiasm for work was transformed into newly prepared guides to current exhibitions. We are intensively finishing texts and activities in which you will have fun and learn something. The guide RAZ HORE, RAZ DOLE will take you through almost 900 years of history and a rare collection of Premonstratensian art in Jasov. A guide called VRSTVY will bring you a micro-perspective into the world of clothing, and you will learn about fashion trends during the Belle Epoque period and today's need to think about recycling your clothes. You can look forward to the guides in April. On the platform Doma s VSG, which has currently undergone a visual renewal, a category of creative ideas for young people has been added, where they will find various interesting tips for their creative activity, such as upcycling old clothes.

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