Moving Landscape

The Moving Landscape is an oasis of calmness. You can just come and sit, observe plants and gain new energy. It becomes part of the city's fauna and flora. In the urban environment of paved sidewalks, greenery is a rare and important part. It plays a role in combating the environmental crisis we are currently facing.

The idea of ​​the Moving Landscape originated at a time of the global pandemic. It forced us to reconsider many aspects of social and cultural life. Mass events could only be held outdoors and therefore we took the opportunity to transform our courtyard into a place for people and events that complement the traditional gallery program with concerts, workshops and performances in a non-traditional environment. A very important aspect of such thinking was the creation of an environment where plants do not only form an aesthetic element but are an added value to the gallery, the city, and the planet. They improve our microclimate, provide shade and moisture, and are shelter or food for small animals. They take care of us we take care of them. We believe that this philosophy of the Moving Landscape will be adopted by our visitors as well.

Selected trees, shrubs and perennials are unique in their vegetation cycle, and flowering method, but also in the structure and colour of the leaves. Their beauty and health require diverse and year-round care. We, the employees of the gallery, will take care of the Moving Landscape together.

The creation of this project was financially supported by the Košice self-governing region within the internal call Traditions inspire innovations. The Laboratory of Landscape Architecture LABAK and the Spolka + team collaborated on the project. We thank hugely the UPJŠ Botanical Garden in Košice for the consultations.

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