Svetlana Fialová – Someone knows everything about me

opening: 17. 3. 2016, 5 p.m.
duration : 18. 3. 2016 – 21. 5. 2016
curator: Michal Štofa
East Slovak Gallery, Hlavná 27

Exhibition project by Košice artist Svetlana Fialová Someone knows everything about me is a series of drawings realized in the period that began with the planning of a return from London back to Košice and continues to this day. This period is characterized by a change in Fialová's drawing expression, abandoning the detailed depiction of stories composed into complex compositions. The "entanglements" of clearly recognizable plants and animal or human figures "spinning in the whirlpool of life circumstances" were replaced by figures standing alone in a white field, symbolically complemented by colorful gestures.
Purple's interest in a variety of information, socio-cultural events, fiction, boulevard, etc., flowing always available internet and subconsciously affecting a person, as well as the circumstances brought by the author's daily life (change of place, subsequent loss of local friends or simply separation and long distances between cultural centers) remained present in her work. Some form of diary, intimate visual notes is still recognizable here. But the "words" disappeared and were replaced by their symbols. In Svetlana Fialová's drawings, monumental figures began to dominate as solitaires bearing the main theme. They are only briefly supplemented by moving small figures, which form guiding symbolic threads to complete the theme.
Svetlana Fialová (Košice, 1985) is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts of the Technical University in Košice (2008), the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (2010) and a graduate of doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (2015). She is a laureate of the Jerwood Drawing Prize, the most important award for contemporary drawing in the UK.

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