The Klimkovics – Stories Across Three Generations

exhibition opening: 24. 6. 2021  6pm  
duration: 25. 6. – 30. 1. 2022 
curators: Štefánia Ďuricová, Miroslav Kleban 
East Slovak Gallery, Hlavná 27

The exhibition The Klimkovics - Stories Across Three Generations is dedicated to the artistic legacy of the Klimkovics family. The activities of this family date back to the 18th century. The founders of the family tradition were Florián Klimkovics Sr., who was based in Smolník, and his son Ignác, who later became known as the first Klimkovics of Košice. Ignác’s four sons then followed in the footsteps of the artistic tradition. The eldest František and Vojtech Klimkovics received an academic education and were the most artistically active members of the family. Their brother Gabriel devoted himself to fine art in addition to his military career and the youngest brother Florián pursued artistic carving, gilding and restoration.

This collective presentation of the life and work of individual family members is based on extensive research by the curators of the exhibition Štefánia Ďuricová and Miroslav Kleban, who drew on the 19th century art collection. It was in this period that the family was the most active and elevated the artistic and pedagogical tradition in the region of Košice.

The research and exhibition capture individual fates and personalities, family genealogy with a link to 19th-century culture and art in Hungary, exhibition life in Košice, pedagogical activities and processes related to the establishment of the Museum Association of Upper Hungary. Its foundation represented the establishment of two important institutions, the East Slovak Gallery and the East Slovak Museum. In addition, they interpret the collection of disparate artworks featuring different artistic ambitions, varied content, form, theme and quality. Part of the exhibition is also the first presentation of sacral works in the form of external loans from almost 20 parishes from Central and Eastern Slovakia.

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