Vladimír Žilinský -Photography from 2007-2015

opening: 6. 4. 2016 o 17:00
duration : 7. 4. 2016 – 1. 5. 2016
curator: Josef Moucha
East Slovak Gallery, Hlavná 27

Native of Hodonín, Vladimír Židlický (1945), a graduate of the Department of Photography at FAMU (1975) and a long-term teacher at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Brno (1977 - 1990), is a prominent representative of European art. He has been developing his freelance work since the 1960s, and with a broader balance he returns to Košice twenty-eight years later.

In the meantime, he has exhibited in other Slovak, Czech and Moravian cities, as well as in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, the USA, the Netherlands and China. . . It is presented individually by prestigious galleries and museums, but also as part of international tours. He published his third Czech monograph on his last seventies last year (of course, the parameters of the book summary are also missing from the narrative Chinese catalog from 2012).

Vladimír Židlický experiments with the heritage of classical artistic disciplines. Extraordinary attention to the elaboration of positives is an interest in the heritage of the pictorial tradition of photography. The author is based on the historically proven refinement of magnifications, in order to use the translucency of various structures and to complete the artifacts of the partial destruction of the pictorial form. This contradiction is only apparent. After all, the unpredictable effects of interventions in the force field of the positive only amplify the figural composition with the motif of exposure. After the apocalyptic visions exhibited in the East Slovak Gallery in 1988, reactions to the digital possibilities of new computer technologies appear in Židlický's contemporary work. The author develops various methods of suppressing descriptiveness, common mostly in the genre of nude. Without giving up the echoes of his abstract painting backgrounds, he simultaneously benefits from the naturalness of the medium of photography. The works signed by him are then enforced by the characteristics of the performance, as well as by the urgency of the subject. Therefore, Židlský's work does not fall into decorative positions.

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