Why visit the East Slovak Gallery with the school?

By visiting the gallery during the lessons, you can make the subject special and attractive to the students, the gallery teachers in cooperation with the curator can prepare a commented tour tailored to the age of the pupils / students and understand it thematically. Besides that:

  • students complete a quality educational program aimed at enriching cultural and social knowledge, skills and abilities
  • they will get acquainted with the ideas and techniques of classical and modern art
  • you will support the development of aesthetic feeling and creativity in your students
  • by applying innovative and experiential forms of learning, students will learn new information in the field of art history
  • exhibitions with a broader historical context support interdisciplinary relationships and students not only learn about history but also see it
  • spend time effectively in modern and renovated gallery spaces
    you will be cared for by qualified gallery teachers
  • we will adapt in time to your needs at the workshops
  • we take into account the age of our visitors

The price of the guided tour is 2 € / pupil, if you are interested in a thematic workshop in the studio (material included in the price), together with the guided tour it is 3 € per pupil / student. Teachers, as pedagogical supervisors, have free admission. (1 teacher for 8 pupils, students)

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